When learning Electronics is so Fun and Safe.. It's InnoBox!

Download InnoBox Android and iOS game now and try first 3 levels for free:


With InnoBox, children will learn by making and playing !

It is time for children to innovate in electronics with InnoBox. They will learn by making electronics circuits using the easy-to-use magnet snapping parts. 

With InnoBox they will enjoy playing and learning at the same time. 



InnoBox game for Android and iOS

You can now download InnoBox game for both Android and iOS devices for free! Enjoy the 10 adventures taking you through challenges to discover how to use each electrical component!

You can download the game from here:

First 3 levels are free and if you would like to continue playing and learning you can buy the mobile game for 4.99$ or buy full InnoBox kit and get the mobile game for free! 


Our Clients

The classroom became full of energy when we started using InnoBox. Students love it and keep making and learning new circuits using InnoBox.
— Mohammed Al Sobhi, Teacher
InnoBox helped my duaghter learn electronics by herself in a very interactive way. She have learnt alot and she is capable of making many new inventions now.
— Amna Al Rahbi, Mother of two childs
My duaghter is addicted to ipad games and when we installed InnoBox game for her she finally started learning something useful and we bought her InnoBox hardware game to help her learn even more and apply what she have learnt.
— Salim Al Abri, Father of 4 children
I was surprised by my son’s capabilities. He learnt electronics and keeps invention new projects using InnoBox.
— Ameera Al Hini, Mother of 3 children

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