What is InnoBox?

InnoBox is an educational toy to teach children electronics in a practical, safe and fun way! 

In InnoBox we believe in learning by playing and learning by making! Children will be doing both with InnoBox!

Where is InnoBox manufactured?

InnoBox is designed by InnoTech in Oman, Muscat and manufactured in China. The assembly and quality checks are also done in Oman at InnoTech's headquarters and workshops.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we do ship worldwide! Wherever you are you can get InnoBox from our website directly and we will ship it for you.

We are working on having re-sellers in some countries to make it even easier for you to get InnoBox in no time!

Do you provide courses using InnoBox?

Yes we do locally in Oman and soon in other countries as well. These courses actually help us communicate with our users and know how keep improving InnoBox and make it better and better for you!

What are the ages of children InnoBox is targeting? 

InnoBox is made for children 8 to 14 years old. However, anyone willing to learn the basics of electronics can use InnoBox, learn and enjoy at the same time!